MOT, Repairs & Servicing for all Class 7 Vehicles

MOT, Repairs & Servicing for all car types

MOT, Repairs & Servicing for Motorhomes & Campervans

MOT, Repairs & Servising for Minibuses

Tyre bay and stock of tyres available on site

Full services for Class 4, 5 & 7 vehicles

Repair work available for all types of vehicles


Acacia MOT Ltd

3 Chiswick Grove

Tel: 01253 791177

Fax: 01253 767946



Our vehicle service content is one of the most thorough in the area, which includes not just the normal “oil, filters and plugs”, but a wide range of other work from brake strip down clean and adjusts, to lubrication of hinges, locks and latches – “the list is endless”.

If we find extra parts need replacing, one of our technicians will contact you before proceeding – so your contact details are very important, to ensure that the service can be completed without delay.

The average service takes around 2 hours, but please allow at least 4 hours, or most of the day if you can be without your vehicle that long. This is just to accommodate the unforeseen.

We have a wide range of equipment from the standard car lift, to an 8 tonne commercial lift. So vehicle size is not an issue.